[5+ Examples] Mobile App Success Stories You Must Read

[5+ Examples] Mobile App Success Stories You Must Read

No one has ever believed that mobile apps will gain so much traction and popularity. In this article, we will be sharing with you 10+ examples of how an app changed business resulting in more revenues and profits.

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1. Dunzo

Forget your office keys at home? Tired and need pizza? Want to send packages to someone? Don’t Worry, You Have Dunzo.

Dunzo is a hyperlocal Parcel / Package / Food / Grocery delivery application. You name it, they deliver it. On the tap of a button, from the comforts of our homes, we can get everything delivered at our home.

Dunzo started with a WhatsApp Group on which they receive orders and fulfill them. When the founder Kabeer Biswas examined that their idea and concept is becoming popular, he thought of transforming it into a complete mobile application. From there the story is continuing till now. They are reaching new heights of business and are expanding slowly across pan India.

As of the Latest Data, Dunzo’s funding total so far throughout all its rounds is $116.4M


Wait Let’s move to other examples.

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2. Byzu’s

When there was a time of traditional schooling and coaching’s in India, Byju Raveendran (Founder of Byzu’s) thought of an opportunity here and filled in the Gap. From there onwards, Byzu’s have experienced 400% growth year in all metrics.

The company is evaluated at $11.1 billion now and is a leading market player with highest market share in India’s growing EdTech space.

3. Instagram

We guess you might heard of this big social media giant but its story is worth reading a million times. When it was launched, it acquired more than 100K users in just a week of its release. Users love it because of its filters and great photo-sharing capabilities.

Later it was sold to Facebook two years later for $1 billion.

Well That’s Surprising! Isn’t it.

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4. WhatsApp

Who can ever forget this app when we are revising the app success stories. Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum while working on Yahoo, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app until now.

What makes it different to its competitors is its ease to use. There is very less navigation and you can communicate with your peers effectively. Facebook bought it for $19 billion.

5. Uber

Do you remember the last time you booked a cab from your laptop or PC? We bet nope. Whenever anyone thinks of requesting a taxi or cab, they immediately think of a taxi mobile application on their phone.

This is the reason why all the big giants Ola, Uber, etc. are planning to take all their users to the mobile app. Some of them have even stopped taking bookings from the web.

It was created in 2008, while exploring the city of Paris, by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp when they needed assistance in finding a cab.

As per the latest data, Uber is valued at $75.5 billion currently.

6. Swiggy

Swiggy is a food delivery startup in India. It started after Zomato but with great business strategies and planning, they are now becoming stronger than Zomato.

As they say, those little icons on the customers phones could erupt potential success for your company.

Swiggy is now available in 500 cities across India. Investors have rewarded Swiggy with its expansion, and the company is now valued at $3.3 billion.


With a mobile app, you can change your business and transform it into a very organized way of handling the operations as well as getting new customers. Our World is always looking for great ideas that can solve a burning problem.

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