Cash Wash App Development Guide – Cost, Technology, Features

Cash Wash App Development Guide – Cost, Technology, Features

Do you have a Car Washing Business and want to scale it rapidly? Want to receive more orders and increase the customer base? Well, then this is the perfect guide to get you started. In this article, you will get to know how an On-Demand Car Wash App works, how having an app can scale your On-Demand Car Washing Business, On-Demand Cash Wash App Development Costs in India, and everything about it.

So let’s get started and open the knots one by one.


In this article, you will find this:

  1. Do customers really need On-Demand Car Wash Apps?
  2. Different types On-Demand Car Wash Apps
  3. Features of On-Demand Car Wash Apps
  4. Administrator Panel Features
  5. Tech Stack Required for On-Demand Car Wash Apps
  6. How much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Carwash Mobile App?
  7. Conclusion

Do Customers really need On-Demand Car Wash Apps?

In today’s scenario, customers can order food with the tap of a button by On-Demand Food Delivery Apps, customers can request a taxi from the comforts of their home and these examples are so on. On-Demand Applications have changed the lives of users and impacted them strongly.

Thus we still see a gap currently in the on-demand car wash industry. The world has not yet seen great On-Demand Car Wash Apps where customers can schedule car maintenance, washing, and repair services from the comforts of their home. Thus, if you are planning to scale and capture the automobile industry, this is the best time to go ahead and execute things.


Different Types of On-Demand Car Wash Apps

The car wash apps are broadly divided into two core segments –

  1. Single-Dimensional Car Wash Apps
  2. Multi-Dimensional Car Wash Apps

Let’s dive deep into both and understand each of the two categories.

Single-Dimensional Car Wash Apps

You have got a single car wash station, servicing station, maintenance, and repairs solutions and likely to capture the users from a nearby area, then your business falls in this category.

As the name suggests, In Single Dimensional Car Wash Apps, there are two users as a whole – The Business Owner (which we will call Admin later in this article) and the Customer.

The Customer books a car wash from their app and the Admin receives the request and fulfills them.

Multi-Dimensional Car Wash Apps

In multi-dimensional car wash app refers to the complete package of the on-demand car wash apps. The total products that are developed in multi-dimensional car wash apps are –

a) User App / Customer App

b) Washer App / Pickup App

c) Admin Panel

Customers select their preferred service from the Customer App.

Admin receives the request and assigns a driver (if the customer selected a home pickup option) OR assigns a washer. The washer updates all the different statuses from their app such as Washing Started, Washing Completed, Vehicle Examination, etc.

In Multi-Dimensional on-demand car wash applications, there could be various service vendors (washing stations), the request is sent to the vendor with the nearest customer location.

Features of On-Demand Car Wash Mobile Apps

Customer App Features

1. Login / Registration

New Customers register inside our system after following some registration forms and input the details. Existing users could log in easily.

2. Location

App automatically tracks the customer’s location.

3. Car Wash Package

The customer selects from a variety of the packages that the app offers.

4. Pickup Location

Customers choose the pickup location from where the product is to be picked up. They can either choose the pickup from home or drop the car off at the location.

5. Booking Service

Finally, customers select the preferred booking service or package from the list of services offered.

6. Payments

The app facilitates different payment platforms for the users for online payments.

Washer App Features

1. Customer Enquiries

Admin forwards the inquiry to the respective washer app. Washer receives all the details of the customer such as car information, service the customers have opted for, etc. The app shows what the customer inquiry is like.

2. Managing Service Status

There could be a various status which denotes the service progress such as:

a) Service Started

b) Service Completed

On updating any status, customers and admin get notified. The number of statuses depends completely on the business requirements and could be different depending on your needs.

3. Home Pickup

There are some customers that want their car to be picked up from their home and drop off their home once the servicing is done, thus with the washer app, the staff members get notified to pick up the car from the customer’s location.

This is what the On-Demand Car Wash App is capable of.

Admin Features

car wash app development USA

In On-Demand Apps, admin plays a very big role, admin is the business owners i.e. the owns who owns this entire system. Let’s see what are some of the features of the admin:

1. Users Details

See a detailed list of all the users registered in the system. Admin can herby remove or block any user too.

2. Manage Services

Admin can add or remove services that are to be displayed in the app. With every service, the admin can add the service time and any more details about the service.

3. Manage Orders

Admin manages all the service or car-wash requests that have been ordered by customers through the app.

4. Manage Payments

Admin is responsible for the settlement of funds to the service vendors. Normally customers pay admin, admin later settles the amounts to the respective service vendors.

5. Manage Rating & Reviews

Admin can reply to reviews and ratings from the customers.

Tech Stack Required for On-Demand Car Wash Apps

Here is a glimpse of all the technologies that are involved in On-Demand Car Wash Mobile App Development –


Latest Technologies in On-Demand Car Wash App Development

Android – Java, Kotlin, XML

iOS – Swift, Objective – C

Backend and Database – MongoDB, NodeJS, Sockets

Web Frontend – ReactJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Angular, HTML, CSS

Payments – PayPal, Netbanking, Stripe, EWallets

Location Services – Google Maps APIs, MapKit

Cloud – AWS, Google Cloud, Any Reliable Third Party Provider


How much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Car wash Mobile App?

The on-demand car wash app development cost depends significantly on the features and functionalities that you want to implement in your app. It also depends on the developers you choose for the app development. However, to give an approximate value, the cost of simple on-demand car wash app development in India may cost around $10,000 – $20,000, whereas a more advanced solution may go beyond $30,000. Spending around $25,000 – $30,000 makes sure your app is different and advanced from the present competition.


It’s very much important to advance with the recent growth trends in technology. On-Demand Car Wash Apps are growing at a very fast pace and customers are enjoying their car picked up, serviced, and drop off to their home hassle-free.

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