How to Build a Logistics App for your Business?

How to Build a Logistics App for your Business?

Imagine you have 10 drivers working as your team. You got an order from North to South for delivery and you successfully dispatched the order. The next order came in from South to North. You sent a new driver for this order but ideally, the same driver should dispatch and pick both orders. This happens only when you have lacked proper technologies in business. This makes the use of mobile applications very important in the logistics business.


Well, we will discuss the same ahead, So without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Table of Contents :


  1. Logistics App different categories
  2. Logistics App Features
  3. Benefits of Having a Logistics App for your business
  4. Technologies involved in the development of Logistics Applications
  5. How much does it cost to develop Logistics App?

Logistics App Different Categories

On – Demand Logistics Application

Want to get direct orders from the Customers / Users, then this is the best option you should go with. This will instantly fulfill user’s needs and you will be able to serve your customers better.

Fleet Management Logistics Application

In this kind of application, you can manage, plan, coordinate and organize all your vehicles from a central system (referred to as admin panel). With this, you could also track where the drivers and deliveries are heading by and the exact real-time location of the vehicles. This will be a complete management solution so that all the deliveries and operations are hassle free and running smoothly.

Warehousing Application

As the name suggests, this kind of application will be helpful in managing the warehousing capabilities and effectively accessing the products data stored in warehouses.

Logistics App Features

1. Getting Orders

Since everything is going digital, it’s very important to have a medium to receive direct orders from the customers. With having a mobile application, it has become a lot easier for customers to place orders on the tap of a button.

2. Vehicle Tracking

Yet another very important feature of this kind of application is Vehicle Tracking Feature. What’s better than to see on the screen, where your drivers are heading by OR from a customer perspective, it’s great to see where the current order is (just like the Uber taxi application)

3. Vehicle Management

This feature is helpful from a business perspective. As a business owner, you could manage all your vehicles from a single panel.

4. Promotional Offers & Discounts

To increase orders, there could be custom notifications and promotional discount coupons that a business could roll out for their customers.

5. Payments

What’s better than receiving payments directly from the mobile application? Yes! Nothing is better than this. Payments will reach you directly.

6. Invoicing Management

As soon as the order gets fulfilled, your customers will immediately receive an invoice in their email in PDF format.

7. Chat Support

Resolve queries of the customers effectively and fast. Almost all B2C applications are now equipped with chatbots or direct “admin to customer” communications, this generates a feeling of trust and safety among the customers and helps for long term business opportunities.

8. Getting a Quote

Customers could easily enter the information of their locations, items they are willing to deliver and get a quote immediately.

9. Admin Panel

This is a different panel just for the exclusive use of the administrator i.e. the person managing the business. Drivers, Customers, Orders, Quotations, Customer Requests, Invoicing, etc. can be easily managed through the admin panel.

The above are some of the core features of the Logistics application. The features can be always modified and amendments could be made. After so much experience in developing apps, we at BrainBox Apps have realized that each business out there is different and we enjoy working and developing apps according to the business requirements.

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Benefits of Having Logistics App in Business

1. Route Optimization

The app will help you figure out and suggest the best-optimized route so as to save time as well as cost.

2. Customer Care

You could help your customers by getting and resolving their queries asap.

3. Vehicle Management

This is the biggest asset of having a mobile application for the Logistics business. You can have an app for your drivers also and a separate panel for your use. This will help you to manage the fleets accordingly, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

4. Easy Customers Bookings

Customers could make bookings very easy and hassle-free from the app, thereby increasing sales.

Technologies involved in development of Logistics Applications

Here is a glimpse of all the technologies that are involved in Logistics Mobile App Development

How much does it cost to develop Logistics App?

The cost of developing a logistics application depends widely on:-
1. Tech stack
2. Location of the company
3. Platforms (Android / iOS)
4. Application Features

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End Notes

It’s very important for businesses to adapt themselves to the recent going trends in technology. That’s why we always say that mobile apps are digital experiences and we create them. They solve problems and help you keep more control over all the activities going on in the businesses.

We are a team of young and experienced people with a passion for mobile app development. We consider it as a superpower.

Let’s connect today and shape your ideas into reality.

Akshat Chaturvedi
Akshat Chaturvedi

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