The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development

The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development

There was a time when the educational apps were not so popular, people like the traditional way of physically visiting classes for their education. No one ever knew that this way was going to vanish completely. With the rise in technology, educational apps are growing at a tremendous speed. The reason being is people now-a-days like to consume educational data in their own comforts as well as their own time. So let’s dive deeper into how educational app works, how they are build and the most important, how you can make money with your educational app.

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The Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development

Table of Contents:-

1. What is an educational app?

2. Types of educational apps

3. Features of educational apps

4. Working of educational apps

5. How you can make money with the educational apps (Monetization Strategies)

6. Tech Stack

7. Estimated time and costs for development of educational apps

8. Conclusion


What is Educational Mobile App?

An Educational App is an entire school or coaching or university combined in a mobile application. Students can learn by watching videos, reading articles, documents, etc. of their favorite courses and save it for later reference.

Students have access to a variety of courses and they can choose their desired course. Now some of the courses may be free or some of them are paid. Whenever the student subscribes to any course, they get access to all the videos and information related to that course.

Types of Educational Mobile Apps

There are so many types of categories that we can separate these types of apps. We are trying to explain core categories in an easy way.

1. Admin to Students

What’s the key part in any educational app? Yes, the Content. Students are there on the app to learn something by watching videos. Now let’s study what is the first category of the app out there.

In this category, the videos and all information of the course will be published by the administrator (admin or the team managing the system). The admin will decide the course price (free/paid), will add the respective videos, attach any documents related to the course and upload it in the system from the admin panel (a web interface developed only for the admin to manage everything)

Once the course is added, Students can have access to that course. So in this category, the courses will be uploaded by the admin side and the students will be consuming the content.

Total tech products developed under this category –

  • Android App (for students)
  • iOS App (for students)
  • Admin Panel (Web Interface)

2. Teachers – Admin – Students

In this category, there could be multiple teachers. Before explaining more into this, let’s see the total tech products first, that will be required to make this model successful –

  • Android App (for Teachers)
  • Android App (for Students)
  • iOS App (for Teachers)
  • iOS App (for Students)
  • Admin Panel
    (There could be a single app for teachers and students but for keeping the user experience good, we will prefer to keep them separate because both of them will have separate different features)

As you can see, in this category, teachers will first register in our system. After filling in the registration form, the admin will receive the details. If the admin feels everything is fine, they can approve the teacher or reject it.

Unlike the above category, here any teacher could create and upload their course. The students can have an access to these courses from their own app and they can subscribe or purchase them.

In this category, admin keeps a percentage commission of the total price of the course paid by the student to teacher. All this is done through the mobile app and all the parties receives their respective shares automatically.

3. Live Classes Educational App

In both of the above categories, there were educational videos that were playing a big role. There is another category in which teachers teach students live and interactively.

There could be some sessions or a fixed timings that classes will run on each day and all the students who have subscribed or purchased the course are present live in the class.

Let’s see the total tech products that are required to make this model successful –

  • Android App (for Teachers)
  • Android App (for Students)
  • iOS App (for Teachers)
  • iOS App (for Students)
  • Admin Panel

4. Completely Feature Packed Application

When we will combine all of the above categories, we will get a completely feature packed educational application with videos and both live classes capabilities.

Some of the most famous applications of this type are Coursera, edX, Udacity, etc.

Features of Educational Mobile Applications

Video Content

In educational apps, as we all know, Students gets access to pre-recorded lectures and chapter wise lessons by teachers.

The key content that is consumed here is the videos. Thus it gives students the provision to watch videos in their comforts with a range of various features such as navigating to the desired lesson, video forwarding, video rewinding options.

Live Sessions

The most important feature that any educational app should offer is the capabilities of hosting live interactive sessions by the teachers. The sessions could be either free or paid. In the live sessions, there should be other miscellaneous features should be there for e.g., screen sharing, whiteboard capability so that teacher could explain something easily, chat feature with text, image, and document sharing capabilities, etc.

Payment Integration

You have created an educational application, now the another big question is how to make money with educational app. This makes the integration of payment options in the app very much important. There should be a way in the app through which students can directly purchase any course they want. The integration of proper payment provider is very important.

The payment provider which we decide should be popular in the country and user might know it very well before unless they will not make a purchase.

Rating and Reviews

Yet another feature of an educational mobile application is Ratings and Reviews system. The students could rate the teacher and the teachers could rate the students as well. This creates a healthy environment among all the users i.e. teachers and students.

Push Notifications

Important feature of all the modern apps now-a-days. Notifications about new offers, notifications about new discount coupons, etc. all the way increases users opening that little icon of your app on their phones multiple times a day.

Who determines an app’s success? You! The Users
– Akshat Chaturvedi
(Founder & CEO – BrainBox Apps)

There are some advanced features also which you can add to the app, such as-

Gamification – Teaching lessons via games
Various Recommendations

Working of Educational Apps

How educational app works? How a teacher receives payments? Who is going to upload the courses? Wait we are going to cover all your queries here.

The working of any educational app completely depends on the app category and how you are going to serve students.

Schools / Universities will work with multiple teachers


A Single Tutor will work for himself.

Content Uploading :- Admin plays a major role here. All the teachers that registers in the system are approved by the admin. Again, when they create and publish any course, it needs to be get approved by the admin.

Also, it’s the Admin who decides the commission on every course sale. Whenever the student pays the fee, again there are two ways for the money settlements :-

  1. Instant Transfer:- The moment the student pays the fee, admin will be receiving the commissions and the teachers will receive their share, all instantly.
  2. Weekly Settlements:- All the funds will be reaching to admin first. Then there will be an automatic settlement of funds weekly or bi-weekly.

Famous Educational Applications in the Market


Periodic Table




How you can make money with the educational apps (Monetization Strategies)

There is a variety of ways one can employ to make the app profitable. Some of the best ways are –

  1. Content Subscription:- Users will be paying a monthly fee for using the educational app.
  2. Course Fixed Fees:- Each course has a price, whenever the students want to buy a course or attend classes, they have to pay the course fee.
  3. Advertisements and Collaborations:- The app can have various options for placing advertisements for educational related products such as stationery, etc.
  4. Selling Books:- App can have a shop book option where educational books could be sold.

Tech Stack Used To Develop Educational Applications

Here is a glimpse of all the technologies that are involved in Educational Mobile App Development –

Latest Mobile App Development Technologies in Educational App Development –

Android – Java, Kotlin, XML

iOS – Swift, Objective – C

Backend and Database – MongoDB, NodeJS, Sockets

Web Frontend – ReactJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Angular, HTML, CSS

Estimated time and costs of development of educational apps

The cost of developing an education application depends widely on:-

1. Tech stack
2. Location of the company
3. Platforms (Android / iOS)
4. Application Features


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It’s very much important to advance with the recent growth trends in technology. After the Covid Pandemic, the business in the education sector faced a lot of challenges. The ones who have the systems up and running with technology such as mobile applications, websites, won over the rest. Edtech companies are growing at a very fast pace and the students are enjoying studying in their comforts too.

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